The Legacy Foundation asked Communiqué to redesign its logo that had been the organization’s existing brand for more than 10 years. The criteria moving forward was to rebrand or update the Foundation’s logo and type with a more modern, clean look. It was also necessary to include a small recognizable mark or symbol that would be usable for digital media exclusively. One of the main priorities was to keep some of the recognizable brand elements of the previous logo. Looking closely, the strongest visual element was the interlocking crescents which resembled the infinity symbol. Initially, there was discussion of borrowing some of the typographic elements of the previously used font with several examples presented. After several iterations, the final choice was a simple sans-serif type with a corresponding abstracted, stylized, infinity illustration. It was during that design process that the color choices evolved into the green and turquoise combination. The logo was presented to the Foundation’s Board for approval, which was positively received. With no further edits, the Foundation implemented the brand right away. With a new website and annual report in the works, the brand made its debut in the Fall of 2021. Communiqué is proud to work with an organization that gives back to the community. With the new brand, we hope the Legacy Foundation of Tompkins County will endure with its mission and vision into future generations.

  • Lflf Old

    2008 - 2021

  • Lflf New

    Fall 2021

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