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CSP Management is an Ithaca-based housing rental agency. Communiqué has worked with CSP in a variety of capacities; from digital and print advertising to search engine marketing (SEM), Communiqué has worked closely with CSP to increase its reach in Tompkins County. The SEM campaign has elicited a high number of clicks and conversions via a landing page containing an inquiry form. The form allows people to enter their information along with the exact type of rental they are looking for, including location, pet regulations, number of bedrooms, etc.

Recently, CSP contracted Communiqué to redesign its outdated logo. The new logo designed by Communiqué better reflects CSP’s services and will be featured on all of CSP’s branded materials moving forward. When up close, the design of the logo mirrors a skyline, but when zoomed out, it is in fact a key shape, representing CSP’s tagline: “CSP is the key to your new home,” and thus reinforces CSP’s overall brand identity to make it more recognizable within the market.


  • Csp Logo

    Old Logo

  • Csp Logo

    New Logo


  • Kitchen Theatre

    Print Ad

  • Web Csp

    Digital Ad

Search Engine Marketing Ad

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Landing Page

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