Sex with a virgin

When talking about sex while a virgin many ladies are aware of what am talking about though every one has a different experience on the same. Ladies like discussing different first sex experience and therefore when talking about sex with a virgin is rather clear to me. For most of my girlfriends, it was not the expectation they had since there before they knew sex was good, enjoyable and satisfying. For a few others, first sex was no big deal for them and did not recognize any effect. But remember also virginity is both ways , in ladies and men.

Sex with a virgin can be a very challenging or rather hard moments. For me am lucky to have sex with three ladies, that is, two in high school and one at the college level. Don’t just judge me please it is about wanting to taste any sweet young beautiful lady who show interest in me. In all the three , i would rather say they are painful experiences that i think are unbearable. The first girl we were in our high school and this was a lady who we never thought it would happen. Being neighbors, we spent a lot of time together assisting each other in our school homework. She was such a beautiful young asian girl who even our family were family friends so they approved our friendship.

Sex with a virginIt all started with friends influence, but who could deny being tempted by the beauty of a young asian woman. With time i started having an interest that was not friendship. I started even pretending that i had difficulty with my favorite subject and ask her to show me at my room. But she was also into me a lot. That evening everything was in place and i knew it was the d-day. She came and for me she looked very beautiful than usual. We commenced our assignment but with time the urge was unbearable and there we were kissing and carrasing , within few minutes we were on our own world and all we needed was just sex! sex! and pleasure.

I know what you are guessing,we did the best sex of our life’s no. Though our every cloth was lowered down, when it came to the action the problem rose and she started retreating something i didn’t understand up to a few years ago. She was on bed crawling in pain but my urge to have sex with her made me to still insert it into her. She cried for sometime but after a few minutes she seemed to enjoy it. My bed sheets were filled in blood and to cover up the mess i had to wash them for my self. I was really sorry for her but since that day we werejust meeting in class only something i think my parents realized was wrong. Sex with a virgin turned out to be the worst sex experience.

Well that was not the end, towards the end of high school education i found myself in love with a beautiful young lady. This one happened in school bus after a mathematics contest. Just being alone in the bus we did it but this was not as much painful and only a little blood spotted on the seat. The experience is not that easy but at the same time gives one pride of being the first person to know her.

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